2017 Tax Reporting Update

Marilyn Brohm |

2017 Tax Reporting Update

Raymond James will mail retail composite Form 1099 tax statements in three main groups. The date your forms will be produced typically depends on the holdings in your account, as detailed below:

Group 1: Mailed by February 15
Forms mailed for accounts with holdings where issuers have finalized income reallocation or accounts holding less complex securities, such as equities.

Group 2: Mailed by February 28
Forms mailed for accounts with holdings where issuers have finalized income reallocations since Group 1 were mailed (this typically includes Mutual Funds and Unit Investment Trusts (UITs)). Additionally, the first amended composite Form 1099s are mailed.

Group 3: Mailed by March 15*
Forms mailed for remaining original 1099s including final real estate mortgage investment conduit (REMICs) that report on Form 1099-OID. Additionally, the second amended forms are mailed as needed.

*All Forms 1099s must be mailed by March 15 regardless of any pending adjustments or income reallocation per IRS regulations. Amended mailings will occur as needed.

As a reminder, if a Form 1099 is delayed from the first mailing, it will be sent in either of the February 28 or March 15 mailings, depending on when Raymond James receives all necessary information from the securities issuers and determine the form is complete.

If an account held Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS), you will receive a preliminary composite Form 1099 and can expect an amended form to be mailed by March 15. The coversheet on the preliminary composite Form 1099 will indicate whether or not your account held the type of securities that would require an amended form to be produced and mailed in March.