89.3 FM KCUR’s Money Therapy

Marilyn Brohm |

Last Monday I was on 89.3 FM KCUR’s Central Standard show, Money Therapy. The show’s name was changed to Money Therapy from Ca$h Money Crew to better reflect our desire to talk about money from a more personal viewpoint. We have now completed 37 shows since January 2012.

I am one of four CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals from the Greater Kansas City Financial Planning Association who are on the show. The UMKC studio only seats three guests, so one of us skips a show now and then to even out our appearances. Our last show was titled “A Year in Review”. Here is a link to the show for those interested.

Sometimes I get a little nervous preparing for each show. Last week my wife Peggy sent me this text just before show time, “Good luck on the radio. They won’t see the fear in your eyes.” Her text made me laugh and settled my nerves enough not to say anything too stupid or make any colossal mistakes on air!