How long does it take to set up and implement a financial plan?

Gathering information and analyzing your financial situation generally takes three to six weeks. We also develop the investment plan at that time, review it with you, and hopefully get your approval. After which, we accept funds and spend the first six months tailoring your investment portfolio. Next, we start on the other financial planning tasks. For you, that may be a retirement plan to see if and when you can retire or it may involve work on estate planning to get assets titled correctly to help avoid possible estate taxes or beneficiary mistakes. Additionally, you may choose to have us delve into your insurance and provide feedback. Your investment plan considers tax consequences of any proposed sale and any fees for consolidating or moving accounts, because we feel it is important for you to know and approve all aspects of your investment plan. Sometimes we even make exceptions to the usual timeline and work on some issues simultaneously if you need to make decisions sooner.

The timeline and implementation of both investment and financial planning action items are presented and discussed when we present your investment plan.